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  • Paul Esterle
    Nov 7, 2008
      I applaud Staples for upholding copyright law and protecting
      intellectual property rights. I stopped making boating "how-to" videos
      because they were getting ripped and copied. The blueprint place did you
      favor but what's to stop them from assisting a "Common Sense" style rip
      off? I'll have to stop shopping at Office Depot and start shopping at

      Paul Esterle
      Freelance Boating Writer
      Columbia 10.7, 26 & Matilda 20
      North East, MD.
      “Capt’n Pauley’s Boat Repairs & Upgrades”
      book at www.captnpauley.com

      Gene Tehansky wrote:
      > Well, I went to Staples to get my Micro plans copied so I could
      > scribble all over them and get epoxy on them and they said NO! Seems
      > I have to write to Mr. Bolger and get permission! Now how does that
      > work! Think they will take one of his handwritten letters as proof.
      > What have they prevented? If I wanted to pull a "Common Sense
      > Designs" and run off copies and sell them I'm sure I could work that
      > out without their help. So, Staples is now on that list I have just
      > for their kind (and that makes me unhappy because I liked Staples).
      > But the good news is, I got superior copies from a blueprint firm run
      > by a young lady who used to live at a marina. The copies are sharper
      > and more precise than Staples ever were, she did them while I waited,
      > and the conversation was all about boats. She had 2 machines, one
      > scanned and one printed. Inbetween she manipulated the photos on a
      > computer. Way more sophisticated than a copier. So should I say
      > thanks to Staples? Nah!
      > This must be a new policy because they never asked before if what I
      > wanted copied was copyrighted. And the drawings were stamped
      > copyrighted. I need to look at my single handed schooner plans.
      > Sincerely,
      > Gene T.
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