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58971Re: Elegant Punt Doubled!

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  • pvanderwaart
    Nov 4, 2008
      > Has anyone toyed with the idea of building an Elegant Punt
      > 50% to 100% larger than the plans?

      I've even thought of using the EP as a model for a scow schooner 28
      feet long, not that I would ever build such a thing.

      I have a couple of comments. The rule of thumb for enlarging boats ins
      10% is about the max you should go before a complete redesign. Even a
      50% increase is going to need a completely different structure. You
      may find that the complexity works back to something like the Pelican.
      If you haven't already, try to get a look at some of Bolger's other
      prams, e.g. the Supermouse and the Japanese beach cruiser.

      A better idea, IMHO, would be to pick one of Jim Mickalak's designs,
      such as the piccup pram. (He has several-pram bowed designs.) They are
      as simple as anything that actually works, and have been built before.

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