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58961oarlock placement?

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  • bcd5194
    Nov 1, 2008
      Hello to all,
      Looking for advice on oarlocks for my "Waterman 16" canoe (I know, not
      a Bolger boat, hope you guys aren't offended). When
      building, didn't think about rowing, I mainly sail, but tired of
      lugging that battery
      and motor around, so tried setting up for rowing. Problem is, the
      center seat is about 5 inches too high for rowing; I could lower the
      seat (lots of work!), or I could raise the oarlocks (easy, but ugly!).
      I've posted pics in photo section titled "rowing?". Hopefully you can
      see in the pics where the old sidemount oarlocks were and where they
      need to be. Just need a "3rd eye" view. Maybe one of you knows a
      better way altogether.
      Cheers and thanks for any and all responses,
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