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58960Re: replace epoxy with resorcinal??

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  • pvanderwaart
    Oct 30, 2008
      > Thanks everyone for the good feedback. Im thinking of something
      > like Cynthia J ( or maybe a 24x8 sailing scow ( triple brick ? )
      > since I liked double brick so much.

      You can find my writeup on the Cynthia J in the File section. Since
      this boat is full framed, you can use any good woodworking glue if
      your fits are good. There are some tricky parts to the "instant boat"
      construction, though, which you want to think about.

      Bolger's written instructions suggest making the frames and cutting
      out the side panels. Then attaching the sides to the frames "on the
      fly", i.e. not using any sort of building frame. It can be tricky
      getting things lined up and clamped because there is plenty of spring
      to the sides and once you cut the bevels, the surfaces available for
      clamping are no longer parallel. Clamps can slide out of place, etc.
      You do need an adhesive with a long enough working time.
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