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58948Re: replace epoxy with resorcinal??

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  • Dave
    Oct 27, 2008
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      Hi Bill
      Sure 'nuff, all the resorcinol joins on old ply boats I've rebuilt
      have crystalised, dried out, & failed over time,
      Early Mirror dinghies were stitch + tape, using Polyester resin....
      seen a lot of those fail, too.
      I've never come across an example of a well made epoxy joint that
      failed in the glue....... ALWAYS, the wood lets go first.
      Regarding sheathing & coating....... Polyester/glass is a disaster
      looking for a place to happen..... the wet gets in between the
      sheathing & the wood, the wood STAYS wet, & rots.... VERY fast. I've
      seen a ply over frame boat where the entire bottom was rotted out, &
      the only thing keeping it afloat (briefly) was the 1.5 mm of
      poly/glass sheathing.
      well built ply/epoxy boats with glass/epoxy coating are the most
      durable & maintenence-reduced you can get (even with shoddy modern
      ply.... & Doug's right about the wood being just as important)
      ....Sorry!! I hate using it too, but I wouldn't build a boat using
      anything else unless I considered it "disposable"
      Cheers Dave

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      > > builders,
      > >
      > > allergic to epoxy from previous boats, and wary of suiting and
      > > to build a catboat, i wonder if i can make adequate wood joints
      > > resorcinol?? the glued-together boat would have polyester or
      > > vinlyester glass cloth inside and out?? thanks in advance for
      > > help.
      > >
      > > bill in nc
      > >
      > Bruce is right, we repair Muskoka boats using traditional methods,
      > jointery and fastners. Poly glue is good stuff, 3M 5200 glues up
      > just a bit messy, Epoxy has it uses but is not the do all to end all
      > Randy
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