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58940RE: [bolger] replace epoxy with resorcinal??

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  • John and Kathy Trussell
    Oct 26, 2008
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      Resorcinal is a very strong glue, but it requires very tight joints and
      even, fairly strong pressure. The last time I messed with it was rebuilding
      the center section of the wing on a Fairchild PT-19 (I was a helper) and to
      laminate several sections of thin plywood, it was necessary to drive (and
      subsequently pull) a nail every square inch! If you want to build a boat
      using plywood panels on a frame, resorcinol is a perfectly acceptable glue.
      If you want to build using traditional lapstrake or carvel construction, you
      need to use mechanical fasteners. And if you want to fiberglass sheathing,
      you need to use either epoxy or polyester resin.



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      There may be a few folk who become sensitive to
      polyurethane (although I haven't personally heard of
      any) but here's the thing: epoxy is CARCINOGENIC!

      Also resorcinol is not suitable for adhering
      fiberglass. Remember the clamping pressure I
      mentioned? And if one DID use it for that, the volume
      of glue would be stupendous and the stuff is REALLY
      EXPENSIVE. Not a realistic method.

      I would get Payson's book (whichever one applies best
      to your project) and use his method. It happens to be
      the cheapest and at least we know it works.


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      > I don't know if resourcinol will hold glass or
      > polyester cloth. Harold
      > Payson discusses its use in building instant boats
      > for bonding wooden
      > components together. I do know that it is a
      > "sensitizing" adhesive. I
      > hear anecdotes about people who have worked around
      > it for years being
      > unable to work with plywood. I believe polyurethane
      > has a similar effect.
      > Chris
      > bill shamblin wrote:
      > > builders,
      > >
      > > allergic to epoxy from previous boats, and wary of
      > suiting and gloving
      > > to build a catboat, i wonder if i can make
      > adequate wood joints with
      > > resorcinol?? the glued-together boat would have
      > polyester or
      > > vinlyester glass cloth inside and out?? thanks in
      > advance for any
      > > help.
      > >
      > > bill in nc
      > >
      > >
      > >
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