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58821Re: [bolger] Re: Cost to build a generic Micro Plus??

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Oct 6, 2008
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      > How long is a piece of string?
      >... your choices can increase or decrease this figure
      > quite a bit.

      I agree. The cost can easily vary by an order of magnitude.

      I made it a game of frugality, building my Micro. Even then, I was
      trading time for money. So, I saved money buying hardware, but making
      my own hardware took extra time. Scrounging for cheap parts took
      extra time spent scrounging around.

      By far the best way to get into boating cheaply, is to buy a cheap
      used boat. Where I live, (if you pay attention to the Craigslist ads,
      etc.) it is occaisionally possible to aquire old unloved fiberglass
      boats for free or nearly free.

      I got my boat trailer that way, by paying $50 for a junk ski boat on a
      trailer. I then cut the boat up with a Sawsall, but ended up paying
      $100 in dump fees to get rid of the boat chunks.

      Building a boat to get a boat quickly or cheaply is a common source of
      Unless you goal is to have fun building a boat, don't build a boat.

      That said, the best way to estimate the cost of a Micro, is to get a
      pencil and paper and write down a list of all the pieces. Then,
      estimate the cost of the pieces and add it up. I think the cost can
      range between $1,000 for a light and simple version and $10,000+ for
      solid and fancy version. I like to think mine cost around $1,000, but
      actually and honestly, in total it probably cost close to $2,500.
      (plus about 500 manhours).

      If I were to do it again, paying attention to the hard lessons
      learned, I could probably do it in half the time and half the cost.
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