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58818Re: PT decking?

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  • Jon & Wanda(Tink)
    Oct 4 5:33 PM
      It has had many poor repairs and some poor storage in the past. It was
      inside in the dry for almost ten years and some planks with poor grain
      where split pritty bad. The paint was marine with a high copper bottom
      paint but the bright work was all but gone. Sister ribs where poorly
      done and rot not tepaired or stoped. Think how long it would have
      lasted if taken care of properly rather then half way. There are
      lightnings 50, 60 and nearly 70 years old in good shape.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, ".Randy Powell" <rpspiritwaters@...>
      > You do have a very good point. Most of the boats I work on are
      Muskoka based, these owners spare no expense at storage and repair,
      that said proper coatings, careful storage and attention to keeping
      your dry with in reason will extend your boats life. 1963 you say, that
      would make it 46 I dare say it seems to of survived OK with only
      traditional coatings.
      > Randy 
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