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58814Re: [bolger] PT decking?

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  • .Randy Powell
    Oct 4, 2008
      I don't want to sound like a wood snob but there are a number of great choices for boat building without using substandard "home" products. I have removed Mahogany and Douglas Fir that is 60 and 70 years old and reinstalled it in boats. Not to say that theses are the only good selections, but if you are spending all of this time and effort on a build why try to cut corners and save a bit of money only to have your boat rot out much quicker.
      Any of the Mahogany's, D Fir, Long Leaf Yellow Pine for all you Southern builders, white Oak, and Black Locusts just to name a few. Wooden Boats has a recent article on the water Resistance of the Mahogany's.
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      Subject: [bolger] PT decking?
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      While building my 18' Workskiff, I came across some very nice pressure
      treated Southern Yellow Pine that seems just the right stuff for the
      chines. I am gluing up a test piece to see how happy it takes to
      epoxy. Will file a report this week with an update.

      Has anyone tried this?

      David Jost
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