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58809Paloma Blanca The Much travelled Micro

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  • Greg Flemming
    Oct 3, 2008
      Maybe I am just a bit too slow for this Group but I have only just
      discovered an article posted by John Mann in 2007 written by the
      amazing Roger Keyes about his sailing to the Joseph Banks Islands in
      South Australia in his Micro, Paloma Blanca. I had previously posted
      articles written by Roger about some of his earlier adventures to
      Kangaroo Island but had no idea about the existence of this article!!

      What a joy to find it and I am sure that bringing it to the attention
      of others is a good idea! It is well written, exciting and full of
      useful information.

      Thanks to John Mann for posting it all that time ago and maybe I
      should be a lot more regular in my attendance on this site!

      Greg Flemming

      Here is the link! :