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58802Re: PT decking?

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  • Jon & Wanda(Tink)
    Oct 1, 2008
      Let me try to get this across again. In just the last few years they
      changed the chemistry by federal law for PT lumber. Old and new
      chemistry reacted with glue bonding of any type and the new with most
      fasteners. Both chemistrys cycle salts to the surface with moisture
      content changes.

      MDO is great for boat building if it is a good grade of MDO good thing
      to check on. Exterior ply has notmaly thicker iner plys and thinner
      surface plyes. Marine has typicaly even thickness plys no voids on iner
      plys more plys for thickness and more of the same glue. MDO of a good
      grade will have even thickness iner plys a thin outer ply and the
      overlay good cores and even more of the same glue as marine. HDO is
      like MDO but the overlay is harder smoth and bonds poorly.
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