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58795Re: [bolger] Re: PT decking?

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  • Patrick Crockett
    Oct 1, 2008
      FWIW, the first boat I built was made of strips ripped from 5/4" PT
      decking. After a tree fell over and smashed the deck behind our house, a
      boat seemed like a better destination for the old deck than the
      landfill. The 14' boat weighed a ton (well ... more than one wants a 14'
      boat to weigh, anyway). After a couple voyages to prove that it didn't
      sink, it landed in a pre-school playground (with holes in the bottom to
      let the rain out).

      So far as I know, it is still there 17 years later, providing voyages to
      Australia and other destinations in the "Continent Song". Edge-nailed
      the strips with galvanized finishing nails, glued with liquid nails,
      painted with latex, minimal thought to priming or whatever. The wood was
      well-seasoned -- probably at least 8 years in the north Louisiana sun
      and rain. May have been repainted, but not in the first few years.


      dnjost wrote:
      > The test so far is positive. I have a real good glue bond between to
      > overlapped 8' 1.5 x 1.5" strips. side to side motion cannot break the
      > bond. I will develop a torsion test to see if somehow I can get the
      > glue to break with maximum torque applied vertically to the glue line.
      > I can see the Mythbusters folks having some fun with this.
      > The caveat about painting is probably true, but I bet if I epoxy the
      > surfaces throroughly I can then paint over it. However, after all that
      > work I would probably be better off just locating some southern yellow
      > pine that is untreated. It is not available at my local central
      > Massachusetts lumber yards. For what it's worth my Pointy Skiff with
      > external chines made out of common spf boards with good ply is going on
      > it's 25th year with only a couple of rot spots showing up in the past
      > few years.
      > David Jost
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