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5859Re: [bolger] Overnight trip . . .

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  • chris
    Jul 5, 2000
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      sounds lovely Bill.... I am sorry to be so "Ignorant" about something, but,
      I have to ask.. ( being new to the boating thing) Just how is the F1-F6
      rating could you please post the Mph = F1 or Knots speed =F1 and so on ...
      so I can figure out what the wind speed is that you are sailing your
      chabacco... It would be very helpful since I am in the planning stages for a
      chabacco.... thanks for being so patient with us "Newbies"
      Chris Flynn
      Flynn's Folly
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      Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2000 5:45 AM
      Subject: [bolger] Overnight trip . . .

      > Hi,
      > Just as a wee break from building topics, here's an account of an
      > trip I did on Monday/Tuesday in my Chebacco-20, SYLVESTER.
      > Setting out three hours before high water with a F2 southerly breeze, I
      > gently broad-reached up the Tay estuary with the tide for about 12 miles,
      > and anchored in a little pool which is tucked behind mud flats at low
      > Some tricky navigation to
      > locate it at high water -
      > "Approach Flisk Point from the east, keeping in line with the north facing
      > wall of the old fishing station. When the thumb held at arms length just
      > covers the east gable wall, drop your anchor."
      > It worked too! I spent the night there in a calm little pool while the
      > river
      > kicked up a wind-against-tide chop 50 yards away beyond the mud banks.
      > of wild life - seals, herons, a buzzard, a curlew, oystercatchers . . . A
      > blissful night, never getting completely dark in these northern latitudes,
      > spent with the hatch open. Up at 4.30 am to make coffee then catch the
      > tide back to Broughty Ferry. I motored home in the dawn calm. Life
      > get much better.
      > We've had a week or more of proper summer weather here in Scotland - no
      > wind above F4, and mostly F3 or less. Just right for the Chebacco.
      > Bill Samson,
      > Dundee,
      > Scotland.
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