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58580Re: [bolger] type of abrasion? Polyester fabric and checking

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Sep 9, 2008
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      > Xynole

      I am not sure that PCB endorses Xynole sheathing. Does anybody know
      if PCB has written his opinion of Xynole anywhere?

      I think that where PCB wants a tough bottom, PCB specifies more wood.
      (Clam skiff, Topaz etc. with multiple layers of plywood, and the
      addition of a plywood shoe.) Or in extreme, he puts on steel plating,
      like with AS-39 which withstood an real world test lately.

      The one time I used Xynole, it sucked up sooo much epoxy, I have no
      doubt that I could have doubled the thickness of the bottom plywood
      for more strength at less cost.
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