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58554RE: [bolger] Re: seizing rope onto double paddle for Payson Pirogue

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  • Michael Galvin
    Sep 6, 2008
      Thanks for uploading the photos of your "Bolger Canoe." I love the colors
      you chose. I chose almost the same color inside the boat as you. I see you
      beefed up the gunwhales and extended them from stem to stern, and added what
      I think are footrests, or maybe blocks into which the seat is screwed.

      I did not build a kayak seat into my boat. A local kayak salesman said he
      thought it was nuts to paddle a kayak without a backrest and footrests.
      Somewhere, Bolger has written he thinks kayakers should not rest their backs
      on anything, instead, keeping their upper body loose, letting the boat rock
      from side to side underneath them. I can't remember his entire line of
      thinking. I respect his opinion so much, I'll try my boat first his way,
      without a seat, and maybe latter add a seat.

      When I launch tomorrow, I'll try to take some video so everyone can see how
      the boat paddles with an overweight amateur.

      By the way, I intend to take my Payson Pirogue, and my old Junebug, to the
      Lake Monroe Messabout near Bloomington, IN on Sept. 19-21. Hope to see some
      other Midwesterners there.

      Michael Galvin

      Muskegon, MI

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      I just posted a couple of photos to an album titled "Bolger Canoe". I'm
      headed out boating
      this morning and will take a few pictures of the spray skirt. The skirt was
      easy to make and
      really works well. Happy launching on Sunday! Do you have your boat set up
      with a kayak type
      seat? Aaron

      > I would love to see a picture of your Pirogue and skirt. I've taken lots
      > photos of the construction of my Pirogue and will organize them into a
      > on my website, soon. The paint is curing on my boat as I type. I expect to
      > launch her Sunday.
      > Michael Galvin

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