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58276Re: [bolger] non-planing cruising boat for 4?

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  • a&a julian
    Aug 4, 2008
      If you are building, you might want to consider these plans by Michael
      Storer - developments of the Tennessee type.
      If you are "buying off the shelf" or second-hand, you'll probably (in this
      day & age) be looking at an older
      cruiser, pre-plastic-fantastics.
      Alan J.

      From: bill shamblin <bshamblin2002@...>

      a friend and i are thinking of a long circular cruise by powerboat
      along icw as well as rivers/canals inland. im wondering if any
      commercial boat company makes the sort of non-planing efficient
      cruiser that pb would design instead of the monster engine planing gas
      hogs i see everywhere?? ?

      it seems pb said the main points were keeping both ends out of the
      water and not letting her be too wide? im thinking a light 30'x6'
      might make 5 knots with dual 10 hp completely redundant system outboards?


      bill in nc

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