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58236Re: [bolger] SBJ cartoon, Japanese Beach Cruiser

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Aug 1, 2008
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      > out how you get the detail and precision in your drawings. Would you
      > entertain the possibility of doing a step-by-step tutorial on a simple hull
      > like diablo or reubens nymph, but include interior bulkheads and sails?
      > Thanks,
      > Doug Griggs
      > Maryland

      Thanks. I encourage others to make Freeship models of Bolger boats
      and to post them in Flickr marking them with the tags 'bolger' and
      the name of the boat. This then collects the images together on the
      Bolger Wikidot boat index.


      I could try to answer specific questions about Freeship techniques,
      which I try to do over at the Freeship Yahoo group.


      Interior bulkheads can be done two ways, either intersecting with the
      hull, or free floating. I do both, but the freefloating method is
      usually less complicated. When intersecting, you must have the
      'shared edge' to be creased.

      With the sails, using the "File|Import|Part" menu command, I
      typically insert the sail in straight and vertical to establish the
      correct sail surface area, but with the Y coordinate offset a bit from
      centerline. Then I add some interior non-creased edges perpendicular
      to the sail surface curvatures. Then while looking at the 3D view and
      the 2D views simultaneously I drag the intersection points 'by eye' to
      simulate the sail filling with air.
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