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58235Re: (Prince William Sound Yawl isometric) Leeboard raised / canted?

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  • omegacubedtoo
    Jul 31, 2008
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, ANDREW AIREY <andyairey@...> wrote:
      > I can only pass on what I've read on sailing barge practise.One
      skipper is quoted as saying that they would leave both boards
      down,unless racing.Dutch leebords,which have something of an aerofoil
      section,were thought to be superior to the English flat boards,but I
      don't think many skippers bothered to change.On a trip along the
      Brittany coast last summer my skipper left the boards up,apart from
      having one down to assist manoevering in Paimpol harbour,but what wind
      we had was following anyway
      > cheers
      > andy airey
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      In my initial inquiry I twice mentioned E-scows, because I have raced
      them. They are quite obviously slower if both boards are left down, no
      matter what point of sail, but especially to windward. Thanks to all
      who posted answers. The Bolgers may have tried to reply by fax ... I
      discovered after the fact that the printing cartridge in our machine
      needed replacing.

      To those who asked about photos: Yes, I have a few, but haven't posted
      any of our photos to a photo site. Will be happy to Email a couple of
      shots directly to those who asked; just need to figure out the system.
      I've lost the handle since we upgraded to the fast glass wire system.
      Or maybe it's just the cantankerous Mac with which I struggle.

      -- Will White
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