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58193Re: Polyester resin questions

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  • Jon & Wanda(Tink)
    Jul 26, 2008
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      Rather then going through all that why not just use HDO it is a well
      glued plywood used for foundation forms and semi trailer beds. Realy
      tough stuff and won't need painted just edge sealed.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Patrick Crockett <pcrockett@...> wrote:
      > A friend just asked me for advice about fiberglassing plywood for
      > replacing the sides on a horse trailer. I would think that
      > would be a fine resin for this and less expensive than epoxy, but I
      > haven't used polyester for about 40 years.
      > I vaguely recall people saying polyester doesn't always stick well
      > plywood. I had no such problem 40 years ago, but maybe I was lucky.
      > there issues or practices to be careful about to ensure adhesion?
      > it matter whether he uses plain old exterior fir or pine?
      > I know where to order gallons of epoxy but I don't know where to go
      > polyester. When I was kid, my dad brought it home from somewhere --

      > never knew where. May have bought it at the place where they
      > manufactured Dolphin sailboats. Does anyone have links to sites for
      > purchase? Would West Marine or a local agricultural supply place be
      > sources? (Those are the places I go for trailer kits.)
      > Are there issues around formulation, like with epoxy where you can
      > more for non-blushing formulas?
      > Will any old paint do when he is done? I suggested latex porch
      paint, he
      > had been advised to go with a marine paing (a one part
      polyurethane, I
      > imagine), but that really seems like overkill to me.
      > Thanks for any help/advice.
      > Patrick
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