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58108Re: MDO and stitch-and-glue

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  • Jon & Wanda(Tink)
    Jul 14, 2008
      Oly ply makes Signal in 5/16ths and 1/4" you just have to buy a whole
      unit if someone else hasnt and is selling sheets.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "John and Kathy Trussell"
      <jtrussell2@...> wrote:
      > I used MDO to bulid a 19 foot stich and glue Michalak design a
      couple of years ago and it has held up nicely. I think someone build
      a gold plater version of Micro several years ago with MDO, but that
      is not s&g.
      > I view MDO (and I am speaking of Signal MDO) as a multi veneer
      plywood with the outer veneer being the overlay. The overlay itself
      is some sort of paper product which has been saturated with glue and
      is somewhat tougher than a wooden veneer. I think that if you are
      satisfied that epoxy and tape will stick to a layer of epoxy and tape
      (which is what the second layer of tape does on stitch and glue) you
      shouldn't worry about MDO.
      > Signal is very nice stuff with minimal voids and very uniform
      quality. I cut up 17 sheets of it with skill saw and saber saw. I
      planed on it with hand and power planes and sandedit with everything
      from a side grinder to hand. Throughout, it stuck together and I
      found no flaws. My only knock on MDO is that 3/8's is the thinnest
      size available. Otherwise, I recommend it without reservation.
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