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58091Re: [bolger] Micro bottom butt straps

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  • Kristine Bennett
    Jul 13 10:45 PM
      I remember reading some place where the butt straps should be as thick or thicker then the ply of the skin, and I think it was 6 to 8 times the skin thickness each side of the seam as well. I remember reading it but I can't remember where.


      Hi group,

      I'm about to put the bottom on my Micro, went for the half inch

      bottom, single layer with butt straps. For plywood economy I made my

      butt straps out of left over 3/8 ply, 4 inches wide. Phil specified 2

      layers of 1/4 inch, 4 inches wide with his original 1/4 inch bottom.

      Do you think what I'm doing will be OK, or should my straps be




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