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58021Re: Weston Martyr - Not for $200 nor Millionaire - but how much?

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    Jul 6, 2008
      I suppose it could be either.The Humber has a lot of mudbanks and shoals and the Trent has a small tidal bore - the Aegir - which,although smaller than the better known Severn bore,could still make life interesting.I went down the Trent from Keadby on a 70ft narrowboat that my friend Neil was moving to Rotherham a few years ago.You can't get a 70ft boat from Keadby to Rotherham on the canal because when they upgraded the Sheffield and South Yorkshire system a few years ago to take 750ton Euroships they concentrated on The New Junction cut down to Goole docks and left one of the locks at Thorne on the original line to Keadby at the old length of about 60ft.Neil booked a pilot and we dropped down to Trent Falls on the ebb with the engine on tickover,motored across the Humber and tied up at a wharf to wait for the tide to turn and then went up to Goole on the flood. Interesting day
      andy airey

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