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58000Re: Weston Martyr - Not for $200 nor Millionaire - but how much?

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    Jul 3, 2008
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      The point about using steel for WM is that it was intended to be used in circumstances where it might expect to get a lot of inadvertent hammering - locks and shoals for example and to be reasonably indestructible in those situations.If I was not constrained by the 7ft lock limitation I might be tempted to go the other way and see how a metal AS39 would work out.
      Something mentioned in the original article which I think is incorrect is the temperature effects.Narrowboat experience in the UK is that you can keep them tolerably warm in winter with a pot stove,or,if you want to be posh,a diesel heater of some sort,but that they can get a bit warm in the summer.Since OZ is reputed to be a bit warmer than the UK this might be something you would need to look at.
      One thing PCB did not make clear in the article was how much INLAND sailing WM would be expected to do.I think that you can probably discount sailing on the narrow canals but it ought to be capable of sailing wherever sailing barges used to operate,ie Thames,Humber,Severn,Norfolk Broads and Holland.Now the Channel and North Sea coasts might be the home of the Dipping Lug but in practise it seems to have been mainly used in fishing boats,to which it is ideally suited.(Fast out and home,gear stows out of the way when working the nets,AND,the extra bodies needed to work the nets can also manage the sail and yard when tacking).Everybody else used about half the number of bodies(typically 2,or 2 + a lad if it was a very big barge)and a different rig,mostly Gaff.(Humber Keels used square rig and Thames barges used spritsails).So it will depend on how many people you want as crew,although,as PCB remarked somewhere else,you can always use the engine to tack
      andy airey

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