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57984Re:Weston Martyr - Not for $200 nor Millionaire - but how much?

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  • loosemoosefilmworks
    Jul 2, 2008
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      Having spent a thousand nights or so aboard Loose Moose 2 at anchor (
      and another thousand or so on our Jessie Cooper) I think that it is
      important to point out that the various square Bolger cruising boats
      (As 29,LM2 and suchlike)roll much less than their more shapely brethren...

      It was often a great surprise to our round bilge friends that when
      they were visiting LM2 that the boat rolled so little and that our
      comfort level in rolly anchorages was much better.

      Of course if you use the example of a cracker box on a table being
      less rolly than a coke bottle on its side it might give you a bit of
      insight as to the why of it.

      The other misconception is being narrow that rolling is more while our
      experience is that narrow to a point translates into up and down
      motion with the swell rather than side to side motion against..

      For sure there were more than a few nights that we were in anchorages
      that were uncomfortable but that is simply part of the whole sailing
      living on a boat gig...If there was no downside everyone would be
      doing it!

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