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  • bradford raby
    Jul 2, 2000
      To Dennis, Tim, Les and others who have communicated personally, and those
      who follow.
      We have the brass installed fore and aft on the boat. I manufactured
      mahogany bases and joins for the brass. Boy this is really nice with these
      touches. I did not bring the brass full length as seen in the drawings. I
      am also putting the finish on the foam core roof, also my addition. I am
      using hatteras off white for the topsides above the red hull and the
      combination is great. The swim platform is installed at the transom. This
      too is changed and beefed up from the plans. I installed a cross bar that
      impacts the prop in the down position. The prop is stopped of course and
      the engine raised. The engine is used to hold the ladder in place rather
      than rope.
      I have run the boat in high winds and we are really impressed at the
      outstanding smooth ride we get. I still can never really be sure when it
      is planing as it just gets faster and there is no transition as with most
      motor boats. I suppose this is true of long a skinny boat?????? To say I
      am impressed with it is an understatement. As to beauty, it is a credit to
      the designer. I have people stopping all the time just to comment, take
      pictures or yell great things. And I am at the very end of a navigable
      water way. I think it maintains a plane at 3000 rpm, and this is plenty
      fast enough. I have had several people contact me about building the
      Topaz. It is a lot of work and is certainly not a cheap boat to build, but
      one worthy of the effort. The finished product is worth the effort
      however. We, my wife and I are very happy with her at this point. Brad
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