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57977Re: fuel efficient Bolgers, was [bolger] Okume/meranti/fir

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  • echo172@comcast.net
    Jul 1, 2008
      There are those who just like being envied and I think they will stay below at the dock with their marina mates and consume more beverages. A 2 million dollar sportfish with no fish isn't much of an investment.
      There are fewer fish and to motivate trips it takes a pool of fuel donors and a report of action. My pals have been tied up more than "out front" for a few years. Now, I don't know they would do any fishing other than drifting.
      A month ago I had a hard time finding a small outboard in the few hp range. They were getting lots of bids on ebay and the calls to dealers were unanswered or sold out.
      Putt putt time.
      I'd love an auxillary sail on a power boat.
      Bruce in NJ

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      From: "Bruce Hallman" <bruce@...>
      > > burns 100 gallons of gas per trip. The charter fishing industry is dying, I
      > > think.
      > All the more reason that the new PB&F 'Blackfish' fuel efficient New
      > England fishing boat concept makes sense. They have hinted that they
      > have a version that uses a dipping lug sail for auxiliary power, have
      > the drawings been seen?

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