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57968Re: Okume/meranti/fir

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  • gregory_west2001
    Jul 1, 2008
      I built an "Elegant Punt" eight years ago and a "Surf" three years ago,
      both with Okoume marine BS1088 plywood from World Panel Products in
      Riviera Beach, Florida. Both boats are coated with one coat of West
      expoxy (with no fiberglass to keep them light) and painted with
      exterior latex. Both are also outside all the time in Florida weather
      (since we don't have a garage), and the Elegant Punt has been lying
      upside down less than twenty feet from the St. Augustine harbor chained
      to a log the entire time, sometimes with the tide just reaching it on a
      big northeastern. Neither has had any checking or rot issues, although
      they probably aren't much to look at.

      I think quality of the plywood is high, with no voids that I have
      seen. I am having ten more 6 mm sheets of it delivered this Thursday
      for a Selway-Fisher "Rose" that I am working on.
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