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57962Re:Weston Martyr - Not for $200 nor Millionaire - but how much?

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  • graeme19121984
    Jun 30, 2008
      I thought about Lion's Paw; and about how the builder found that so
      easy to build, just like Bolger said. I wonder if rolling at anchor
      might not be worse than heeling for either boat?

      Lion's Paw is only a foot wider on the bottom, but as it's 3 inches
      deeper in draft and much shorter it would likely heel to an even
      greater angle than Weston Martyr, and that is without considering the
      greater sail area of Lion's Paw. I don't see heeling as such a
      problem for a cruiser as time is mostly spent not at sea, nor even
      under sail. (I think I recall stats to the effect that most live-
      aboard cruisers spend 90% or more of their time moored.) It's a given
      too that when sailing the performance of these sharpie boats is in
      large part due to their heel angle allowing them to slice through the
      water. My feeling is that in Weston Martyr, for not much expense in
      the extra 6 feet of LOA, larger and better set out accommodations are
      gained, 2000lbs extra displacement, along with a nice and seaworthy
      centre cockpit, and THAT lug rig. The Weston Martyr bilgeboard could
      easily be replaced by stowable leeboards, I guess. It's interesting
      that there is only one bilgeboard drawn like for the AS39, and not
      two like there is for the AS29.

      Andy, I don't know about cruising the UK canals either, or any others
      though that's all a nice possibility, but the narrowness (and strong
      bottom) could be handy to get far inland up any river or creek, or in
      gaining restricted entry to a protected coral lagoon. Along with a
      couple of Tortoises there's space on deck for an outboard powered
      skiff, say a Diablo or Fast Brick, that could share the motor of the
      mother ship. If the Weston Martyr had two outboards fitted, and I
      think there may be room enough as drawn, then once accustomed to the
      heeling under full sail this boat might engender a state of mind not
      unlike ataraxia.

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