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57799Re: [bolger] hull fairing sequence

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  • .Randy Powell
    Jun 1, 2008
      I have faired many a kayak and we most always fair first then glass, you end up with a greater chance of a uniform surface coating and the chance of cutting through the glass by sanding is greatly minimized and you just focas on filling the glass weave. If you have a goodly sized commpressor try using an inline board sander like one found in an autobody shop, I love them, fast and kinder on your shoulders.

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      My father a Master Shipwright, used a low angle light to profile the
      imperfections, I find that works as well or better than taking outside.
      You will find high quality sheet rocker/tapers do the same thing.


      Douglas Pollard wrote:
      > Here is a suggestion based on my own experience. It is really hard to
      > see the imperfections in the hull with the boat inside a shed and it's
      > equally hard to feel any long gentle waves there. If before you paint
      > you take her out into the bright sunlight you may be surprised just how
      > unfair she is. With diligence and a long board you will likely get it
      > all. The problem comes when say that is pretty good but not perfect then
      > take it outside and find that it's much worse than you thought. I
      > recently built my Elver in a plastic covered bow shed. Nice place to
      > work, but nearly impossible to see imperfections because there are
      > absolutely no shadows at all. This thing of no shadows though is
      > wonderful when you are assembling a boat, or are underneath of it.
      > Doug
      > Bruce Erney wrote:
      >> I'm getting a hull ready for glass and paint, using peel ply to save
      >> sanding. I am longboarding the hull and can't decide wether to fair
      >> with filler then glass or glass then fair with microlight filler.
      >> This is so much fun, I really enjoy the work and the results.
      >> Thanks,
      >> Bruce in NJ
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