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57791Re: [bolger] hull fairing sequence

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  • Kristine Bennett
    Jun 1, 2008
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      Bruce when I was working at Uniflite I worked on the tooling shop for a bit and the rules there were get the plug as close to what they wanted before the skin coat was put on and faired.

      I would get the hull as fair as you can before glassing it. But you will still have a few places to fair after you have glassed it anyway.

      I have spent a few hours with a long board in my hands.... That thing is hard on the shoulders!

      Blessings Krissie

      Bruce Erney <echo172@...> wrote: I'm getting a hull ready for glass and paint, using peel ply to save
      sanding. I am longboarding the hull and can't decide wether to fair
      with filler then glass or glass then fair with microlight filler.
      This is so much fun, I really enjoy the work and the results.
      Bruce in NJ


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