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57789Re: [bolger] hull fairing sequence

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  • Douglas Pollard
    Jun 1, 2008
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      Here is a suggestion based on my own experience. It is really hard to
      see the imperfections in the hull with the boat inside a shed and it's
      equally hard to feel any long gentle waves there. If before you paint
      you take her out into the bright sunlight you may be surprised just how
      unfair she is. With diligence and a long board you will likely get it
      all. The problem comes when say that is pretty good but not perfect then
      take it outside and find that it's much worse than you thought. I
      recently built my Elver in a plastic covered bow shed. Nice place to
      work, but nearly impossible to see imperfections because there are
      absolutely no shadows at all. This thing of no shadows though is
      wonderful when you are assembling a boat, or are underneath of it.


      Bruce Erney wrote:
      > I'm getting a hull ready for glass and paint, using peel ply to save
      > sanding. I am longboarding the hull and can't decide wether to fair
      > with filler then glass or glass then fair with microlight filler.
      > This is so much fun, I really enjoy the work and the results.
      > Thanks,
      > Bruce in NJ
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