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5768Re: [bolger] First Sail in the AM

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  • KF4call@aol.com
    Jun 30, 2000
      Congrats and best wishes on the new boat. I could not find any MayFly
      design in either my Michalak catalogs, including the listing of prototype
      designs. Can you please say a little bit about it? As for books about
      learning to sail, I especially like one by Richard Creagh-Osborn, title (as
      best as I can remember) is "This is Sailing" . I also found the Tony Gibbs
      basic book very helpful. I taught myself to sail using just these two books
      to start.
      Best regards, Warren

      In a message dated 00-06-30 22:48:24 EDT, you write:
      << Well I have completed my first boat. The MayFly12 designed by Jim
      Michalak. I have her sitting on the trailer in the garage ready to
      go first thing in the AM. This will also be my first time sailing,
      so it should be be a real hum-dinger of a day...I don't think I will
      get much sleep tonite...to excited...I will update my home page after
      the days events and post the url later. >>
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