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5761Re:[bolger] Customary Payment for Building more than one?

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  • david johnson
    Jun 30 4:47 PM
      On Fri, 30 Jun 2000 01:36:06 -0000 Rich Deming <thedemings@...> wrote:
      >Let's say I buy plans and build 2 boats with the intent to sell them
      >from the start. I sell both boats. What is the customary payment back
      >to the deigner? (or is payment to the seller of plans). Do I pay for
      >the plans again on the sale of the second boat or a percentage?
      >Is there anyone here that actually sells plans and has this answer?
      > I once asked Mr. Bolger about selling his boats as I built them he told me each one I sold to figure in the cost of a set of plans in the price I got for his boats.At one time i think Craig O,Donnel said that Mr. Bolger wanted for building the 12 foot sailing peero ether $25 or 2% builders fee you might check with him or Suzanne to see if that is still what they expect. D.W.Johnson somewhere near wake forest N.C.
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