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5760Fldg Schnr Cont

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  • Leander S. Harding
    Jun 30, 2000
      The Folding Schooner now has some actual primer on it. Thanks for all
      the help with mast optoins, gauges etc. I have had a lot of time to
      think about it today while cutting up the styrofoam that my tablesaw
      came packed in. Typical little job that took all afternoon but the
      space beneath the motorwell and aft deck is nicely full of foam that
      didn't cost anything. I had one piece of blue board and I put little
      feet on it to keep some airspace and room for bilge water underneath.
      put the scraps in tightly on top of the blue stuff and filled the
      space up. I am off to Toys R Us for some Fun Noodles. I think I have
      enough Poland Spring 2 1/2 gallon bottles to make up the big
      billets under the bridge decks.

      I am wondering whether the local nature conservancy will miss a few
      saplings from the land behind our house.
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