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57532Re: [bolger] Re: John's Mystery Boat

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  • Bruce Hallman
    May 2, 2008
      > . Its hard to believe
      > how effecient the sneak is with my 9.9 yamaha 4 stroke, maybe 20mpg
      > runnimng to a clean plane in the teens andf very quiet at low revs
      > and a nice long legged cruising speed.

      That is good to hear, considering that the Topaz Spyder which I am
      building has an very similar shape, 25% bigger. Bolger specifies a
      10hp as an acceptable motor for Topaz. With $4 gasoline now, I think
      that fuel efficient boats make more sense that ever.

      Update on Topaz, I am presently working on the navigation lights, and
      am looking at a weekend of sanding of primer on the windscreen, and
      inside the rear compartment.
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