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57529Re: John's Mystery Boat

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  • Mike
    May 1, 2008
      Hi Chris -

      The Martha Jane (revised) makes a nice low-powered camper -- 8HP pushes it nicely. You
      get the amenities of the Outboard Cruiser and Cabin Clam skiff and still keep under 9.9.
      I'd say go ahead and try your 5HP on it first - it might be enough too.

      Most of my boating is on local lakes where the wind is too flakey to sail. I use the MJ
      mostly as a powerboat.

      Food for thought since the MJ is already a finished and tested design.

      I have some YouTube footage showing some testing with a small (not the power thrust)
      8HP Honda 4-stroke. I don't even have the leeboards or mast on it yet - or the rudder yet
      for that matter. Or paint on the transom (or the doors built...) If you want to see it, go to


      Once there, click on Bolger Martha Jane Motor Test Run. The engine sounds and
      comments you hear are from the chase boat/photographer. The Honda is not very loud at

      Using the power thrust 8 instead of the one in the video, I can push the loaded boat just a
      bit over 6knots, but the motor is working. Cruising / no wake speed is about 4.5 knots
      and the engine is quiet and happy at that speed.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Chris Crandall <crandall@...> wrote:
      > > With some minor modification by John, this looks like the much
      > > admired but ( I don't believe ) ever built 'Flat Bottom Outboard
      > > Cruiser,' ("Dovkie designed for power" ) shown in SBJ #33.
      > Yeah, that's what I meant. I tried to get Bolger to finish the design,
      > offered him money, told him about the very little information I needed
      > to finish the design.
      > He told me to suck eggs. Actually, he was very nice, but said that if I
      > went ahead and built it, I should consider it *my* design, and that he
      > wouldn't help me (with good reason, I feel). All I wanted was a little
      > information about the dimensions of the bow angle and a little something
      > about the stem. He said "build what you like sonny" in the nicest way
      > possible.
      > > As PCB was already working on this idea before the letter to SBJ, I
      > > wonder if it was finished. There's no mention in our group designs
      > > index... It seems a very, very good boat with accommodations, for the
      > > simplicity, cost, motor and fuel cost. Speaking of motors, in the SBJ
      > > article PCB didn't seem to address the wished for request of rowing
      > > and sculling - Another stretch possibly???
      > They also suggested the big cabin clam skiff, a very likeable boat, but
      > I don't want a big engine, I like my 5hp Nissan, and do't want to exceed
      > 9.9hp for any of my future boats.
      > (Of course, the 5hp Nissan is more than enough boat for my Sunfish.)
      > -Chris
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