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57526Re: John's Mystery Boat

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  • Chris Crandall
    May 1, 2008
      > With some minor modification by John, this looks like the much
      > admired but ( I don't believe ) ever built 'Flat Bottom Outboard
      > Cruiser,' ("Dovkie designed for power" ) shown in SBJ #33.

      Yeah, that's what I meant. I tried to get Bolger to finish the design,
      offered him money, told him about the very little information I needed
      to finish the design.

      He told me to suck eggs. Actually, he was very nice, but said that if I
      went ahead and built it, I should consider it *my* design, and that he
      wouldn't help me (with good reason, I feel). All I wanted was a little
      information about the dimensions of the bow angle and a little something
      about the stem. He said "build what you like sonny" in the nicest way

      > As PCB was already working on this idea before the letter to SBJ, I
      > wonder if it was finished. There's no mention in our group designs
      > index... It seems a very, very good boat with accommodations, for the
      > simplicity, cost, motor and fuel cost. Speaking of motors, in the SBJ
      > article PCB didn't seem to address the wished for request of rowing
      > and sculling - Another stretch possibly???

      They also suggested the big cabin clam skiff, a very likeable boat, but
      I don't want a big engine, I like my 5hp Nissan, and do't want to exceed
      9.9hp for any of my future boats.

      (Of course, the 5hp Nissan is more than enough boat for my Sunfish.)

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