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57312Re: [bolger] boats with plumb sides.

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  • rick barnes
    Apr 9, 2008
      If only somebody would invent a big plastic sheet to cover the boat so water would not get it. If I invented such a thing, I would call it a tarp, or something.

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      fellow builders, i,ve finally figured out a big advantage of boats with
      plumb sides versus flare.They catch less rainwater inside while being
      built.Once moreI,ve spent a miserable half hour bailing my mystery boat
      with a towel and this is in Florida's supposed dry season. Yes it has
      flared sides and catches every drop of rain which falls, The tarp
      system seems to funnel it all aboard.Fortunately the iside is coated so
      rot hasn't set in before the boat is finished. You have figured by now
      its too big to tip and roll the water out of and yes, flat bottomed so
      the rain spreads out in a nice thin sheet making bailing with anything
      but a towel or sponge impossible. Bought more Raka epoxcy yesterday,
      now $59 a gallon, ouch seems to have gone up about $20 overnight and
      they distrubute it her in Fort Pierce. Stretch Bantam, "Pelican" had
      another long voyage without mishap to the Keys, up as far as Sarasota
      on the other coast then back across the Okeechobee waterway, one night
      at a dock and about $150 in fuel over 5 weeks gone, regards john

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