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57281Re: [bolger] Re: Houseboat Concept 41ft x 11 ft

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  • Giuliano Girometta
    Mar 30, 2008
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      Thanks for your reply, I am not in metal construction and that was just an idea that came into my mind while reading your idea about pre fabricating in alluminum and then have a professional welder to do the welding job. I am going with wood.


      Kristine Bennett <femmpaws@...> wrote:
      Giuliano even crapy tacks would be better then brackets and pop rivets! With a man-eater you can hog out welds in a hurry! There would also be no rivet holes that would need to be plugged. I'm not saying don't do it. I'm saying if you are going to do it do it right the first time. That way you will not have to have it redone.

      Blessings Krissie

      Giuliano Girometta <ggboat1@...> wrote: Krissie,
      In my reply to Douglas the core of the discussion was to pre cut, do all the carpentry work and assembly and then to have a qualified professional aluminum welder to do the job.
      This is why Instead of tacking with a mig as proposed by Douglas, I suggested the idea of the temporary brackets with pop rivets so in that way there are not junky welding spots to go over and the professional welder can weld on all clean joints.
      I agree with you aluminum is a pain, My Lowe Sea Nimph is only 6 years old and You already can not count the patches of JB-Weld and aluminum epoxy putty any more. The fiberglass 17 years old Glasstron is in the back with all the crappy encapsulated wood roten. This is why from now I will only made my own boats out of wood.


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