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57010Re: Modest marina cruiser

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  • Howard Stephenson
    Mar 5, 2008
      This has been one of my favourites since reading the chapter in
      Boats with an Open Mind, which presents a fictional account of three
      men taking it on a winter cruise. And that's Maine, not Florida. The
      story was originally published in WoodenBoat. A few points:

      * It's "Marina Cruiser" because it was designed as a substitute for
      a summer cottage.
      * It's shown rigged with a dipping lugsail.
      * The 2-cyl 13-hp engine drives her at 6 1/2 kts.
      * Mounting the engine so far forward is feasible because it's so
      * Not using wheel steering provides mores space in the cockpit when
      not under way, because the tiller can be unshipped.
      * It's meant to be carvel-built on bent frames, a method that
      Bolger has said (but not here) is the quickest and therefore the
      cheapest way of professionally building a one-off hull of this type.
      That may no longer be true, given shortages of that kind of skill
      and suitable timber.
      * My guess is that these days a boat designed for the same purpose
      would have outboard power because it would be a lot cheaper and
      better in other ways.

      Yours is a great rendition, Bruce. You've shown an upright
      windscreen instead of the raked one drawn by PCB. As its styling is
      meant to imitate the motor cruisers of the 1920s, your version seems
      to be appropriate.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bruce Hallman" <bruce@...> wrote:
      > http://flickr.com/photos/hallman/2312709201/
      > It goes without saying, wow, this is a really desirable boat!
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