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5697Polytarp sail design

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  • Peter Vanderwaart
    Jun 29, 2000
      I am trying to get my thinking together to help Leander build
      polytarp sails.

      As I think about how these things are supposed to work, it seems to
      me that an important point is that they must not be stretched too
      tight on the spars, especially the head and foot. Does that agree or
      disagree with anyone's experience?

      My calculations suggest that the depth of the curve built into the
      luff should be about 2.5% of the average distance from luff to leech.

      The depth of the curve on head and foot should be about half that
      each: 1.25%. The deepest part of the curve should be 30-40% from luff
      to leech.

      Finally, my thinking is that it is better to err on the side of a
      sail that is too flat than one that is too full.

      How stretchy is the polytarp sailcloth? Any comments would be welcome.

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