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  • Mark Albanese
    Feb 27, 2008
      Supposing, David, we may have actually purchased different products,
      that yours was mislabled somehow, today I had a chance to boil my own
      Sureply (R).

      Tried a couple of 2 x 4" pieces.

      After an hour and a bend with vicegrips, #1 came apart with fingers.

      Cooled awhile, #2 wasn't much better.

      Personally, this is my third cheap luan boat. I haven't found a batch
      of the stuff yet that actually would survive this test. One is sealed
      with deck stuff and paint; another just with epoxy. Both are useful
      in their limited way. They are both stored indoors.

      You hit the bullseye with the occume. The ACX is pretty grim stuff.

      These otherwise well made sheets are nicely uniform. But If a
      lightweight, smooth, voidless, truly waterproof, $15 sheet seems too
      good to be true, perhaps it is. Maybe Sureply is really just good
      pattern stuff. :)

      Cheerz, Mark

      On Feb 26, 2008, at 6:12 AM, dnjost wrote:
      > The 1/2 " ACX I boiled for over an hour and could not flex it, twist
      > it, or cause failure of any kinds. I am sure that after repeated
      > boiling and cool cycles I could eventually get failure, but for a boat
      > that I plan on running 10-15 years and kept under cover this should be
      > fine.
      > Happy building,
      > David Jost
      > "calling Maine Lumber tomorrow for a delivery of Okoume".
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