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56949Re: Jessie Cooper isometrics

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  • james caldwell
    Feb 27, 2008
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "loosemoosefilmworks"
      <loosemoosefilmworks@...> wrote:

      Thanks Bob for the comments regarding the lug - I've looked LM II
      lustingly but the is too big.
      When I built my Wish II I changed the smallish jib headed main
      to a standing lug and added some extra ballast to compensate.

      > We built Loose Moose (our Jessie Cooper) using a plywood bottom (
      three layers of 12MM)
      > with two layers of 10 OZ glass over all and overkill on the chine
      having tape plus both bottom
      > coures overlap the chine as well as the side panel glass...which
      held up very well and last we
      > heard was still going strong!
      > It was certainly a great boat... quite liveable and it sailed far
      better than anyone would have
      > guessed. I certainly loved the rig and if there was one mistake we
      made in the design of
      > Loose Moose 2 was adopting the Gaff rig in favor of the lug.
      > Bob Wise
      > http://boatbits.blogspot.com/
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