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56908Re: re:Ultralite Tortoise / 'Sureply' (R)

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  • dnjost
    Feb 26, 2008
      Garth -

      Interestingly enough, not all wood bends after heating. I tried steam
      bending white oak, red oak, ash, fir, and pine. Only the oaks and ash
      took the process, with the others cracking under pressure. A simple
      drain pipe out of PVC, rags, and a double boiler with PVC hosing
      clamped on has been my method for small canoe parts. 1hour per inch of
      cross section. pretty easy and fun!

      The 1/2 " ACX I boiled for over an hour and could not flex it, twist
      it, or cause failure of any kinds. I am sure that after repeated
      boiling and cool cycles I could eventually get failure, but for a boat
      that I plan on running 10-15 years and kept under cover this should be

      Happy building,
      David Jost
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