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56401Re: [bolger] Re: Plywood Again??? Forget Marine Ply!!!

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Jan 5, 2008
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      > Glassing on the outside adds durability but little strength unless thick and heavy.

      Strength. There are different types. Bending, compression, shear,
      torsional and tensile.

      The strength issue with boat hulls is complex and a mix of all these,
      but the largest component of strength in hulls is the shell effect
      which comes mostly from tensile (and compressive) strength.

      Fiberglass has awesome tensile strength properties and good
      compressive strength too.

      Pull a single fiber strand out of fiberglass cloth and try to break it
      with your bare hands to see.
      Fiberglass adds much more than just durability, it adds tremendously
      to the tensile strength of plywood.

      I agree that large ply voids degrade shear, bending and torsional
      strength, but I don't see that those are the most important types of
      strength with fiberglassed plywood boats.
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