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56370Re: [bolger] Bolger Black Snake or Blacksnake

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  • Hugo Tyson
    Dec 31, 2007

      Black Snake was a Sharpie design featured in an early 1950's Rudder magazine.

      "Spur"..... the original Spur was built in Mallorca when Bolger lived there for about a year doing design work. She was heavily built, with sawn frames as is the tradition of Mediterranean boatbuilders. She looked beautiful but was rather heavy. She's pictured on the cover of Bolger's "Small Boats" book. Very whitehall like indeed.

      johnh94927 <johnh94927@...> wrote:
      Working from memory... Black Snake was a non-plywood boat, very
      traditional, very whitehall-like, very beautiful. i think it was in an
      article or a book, but can't recall when/where. bolger had it built in
      europe and shipped it home i think. if anyone has knowledge of it
      please let me know. i'm almost ready to take on a whitehall
      construction project.

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