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  • mason smith
    Nov 30, 2007
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      For me, the hardest thing about the companionway plans for the Micro was the after ends of the hatch-rails. They don't seem to have any lateral support, and I wasn't sure where to end them, and how to trap the sompanionway slides in at the top. Took a little drawing and thinking and studying of the plans but I think I got it right, or adequately near.
      The "slot" for the slides, which you refer to, was not built according to plans on my hull, and I decided to cope with it the way it was. On a new boat, I'd do it like the plans. Don't they show the bulkhead itself as the inner frame of the slot? So that the slides lie outside, or aft, of the bulkhead, and go in rabbetted frame-pieces? However you do the slots, be sure to carry the hatch-rails aft as far as necessary to cover the edges of the slides. Tricky.

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