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56129Hatch building

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  • Col
    Nov 29, 2007
      Hi group,
      Never having built or seen a Bolger hatch before,I have to admit I'm
      having trouble getting my head around the design in the Micro
      plans. I've searched the archives with no luck, and any advice
      would be much appreciated.

      My problem is how to form the slot for the two boards to slip into
      at the entranceway. I made the presumtion that the boards once in
      place are flush with the ply on Bulkhead B. I see that some framing
      needs to go on the aft end of bulkhead B to form the slot. However
      in the bulkhead plans the framing on the foward end of bulkhead B
      seems to finish flush with the ply edge, and if thats the case it
      wouldn't play a role in forming a slot. Do you need to glue a strip
      of wood onto the forward framing making it protrude from the ply to
      match a protruding frame on the aft side? I'm sure the answer is
      simpler than I think and I'll kick myself when I find the answer! (I
      failed plan reading 101).

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