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56009Re: Martha Jane on Ebay

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  • Col
    Nov 8 2:17 PM
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      Sorry Graeme,
      Thought you were Graham Cheers, owner of Shirley Valentine. (doh!)
      He wrote to Bolger and had approved his suggestion to build in extra
      water ballast when this stability question came up - by all reports
      it has been very successful. His boats up for sale at the moment on
      the Duck Flat website - I have a lottery ticket in my wallet......


      In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "graeme19121984" <graeme19121984@...>
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "martha2001au" <cmoone11@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Graeme,
      > > Good to hear from you again! As you can tell I'm still pining
      > after
      > > a Martha Jane, got distracted though and built a Surf, then
      > > family,bills, you know the drill. I still have all your letters
      > on
      > > building and rigging advice on hand ready to go.
      > >
      > Hi Col,
      > good to hear from you too. Those letters would be from someone
      > surely, but if you start I'll be very interested in following your
      > progress. It wouldn't take much at all to get me down there in big
      > river country to help with turning the hull either. Good luck with
      > that, and do give a shout if extra muscle is required at any stage.
      > > From my reading of the upgrades, the 500lb shoe is in addition
      > > the water ballast. I liked your idea of adding extra water
      > ballast -
      > > do you know how much extra weight in water was added by your
      > mods?
      > > Also my original uprades don't mention and storage ability for
      > > cockpit seats.
      > I'm not sure that was my idea, but now you mention it, why not add
      > extra water ballast? Maybe the forward half of the cockpit seats
      > could be flooding too, and the aft half watertight to float the
      > motor?
      > Looking at the BWAOM chapter on WhaleWatcher, designed after
      > Jane, where PCB mentions an earlier incident involving one of his
      > water ballasted designs capsising and flooding, I note how much
      > higher the watertight cockpit seat volumes are relative to the
      > waterballast volumes. The seats are high it is said so that the
      > helmsman may see over the cabin, but this also serves as extra
      > insurance for the WW birdwatcher hull type in a knockdown event.
      > may arise from a lesson learned again in Martha Jane - flotation
      > high, ballast low.
      > >
      > > I must admit I wasn't fond of the look of the sponsons at first,
      > but
      > > I am getting used to them. The way I'm thinking at the
      > I
      > > ever get to build I'd go with the aluminium mast, extra water
      > > ballast, and sponsons. I think she's heavy enough to trailer
      > > without an extra 500lb of dead weight.
      > >
      > I guess it will weigh-in somewhere near the Black Skimmer, but it
      > does have a much more trailer friendly rig!
      > > Interesting theory on having free flooding seats - as long as
      > theres
      > > enough reserve bouyancy in the sponsons.
      > Yeah, it's just a theory though. I'm not sure about the entire
      > volume being free flooding???
      > Cheers
      > Graeme
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