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55986Re: [bolger] Re: Martha Jane on Ebay

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  • Andres Espino
    Nov 4, 2007
      I buy and sell a lot on ebay (not boats) and it is against sBay rules to bid on your own auctions. They will boot you out if they catch you. Many people do it by having a wife or family member bid for them tho.. It happens a lot.


      Mark Balogh <mark@...> wrote:
      When I checked on the auction at the time it was over $4000 it appeared
      to me that the seller was actually bidding on his own auction to drive
      up the price. When I went to check the sellers statistics against the
      bidder who appeared to be the seller I got a message from ebay that
      they had suspended the auction. When I went back all the bids by the
      bidder that appeared to be the seller had been removed and the price
      was reduced to reflect the bids not including the ones who appeared to
      be the seller. Apparently ebay does not view it as ethical that the
      seller bid up his own auction.


      On Nov 3, 2007, at 11:51 AM, proto957 wrote:

      > I agree it looks like a good one. I really like these... I think they
      > are beautiful.
      > The bidding was higher at one point... over $4,500. But the high bid
      > was retracted because the seller "changed the description". I believe
      > the reasoning was the change in the headroom measurement... from 4
      > 1/2' to 3 1/2'. But 3 1/2' seems low to me, looking at the pics, and
      > comparing them to the guy standing by the boat. Do the water ballast
      > tanks take up sole height? I had assumed the tanks would be on the
      > sides, and the sole would be the boat bottom. I looked through many
      > Martha Jane sites on the web, but could not find an answer to this.

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